Oxford Digby Short Boots Reviews

Oxford Digby Short Boots Reviews

Review score: 9.1/10 – Updated May, 2024

Take a look now to discover what makes Oxford Digby Short Boots worthy of a review score of 9.1 out of 10.

Oxford Digby Short Boots Review

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It goes without saying that any motorcycle products, including Urban & Retro, need to be of a high quality. The quality of a product is something that we can measure in a number of ways.

Some of the key things that we’d be looking out for when comparing Urban & Retro would be the materials as different materials can make or break a good product, take the time to read up on the materials of Oxford Digby Short Boots and comparing it to other products in your budget.

Brand – the brand again is often a good indication as to how good Urban & Retro are. Oxford Clothing are known for making great products so you’re likely to be in safe hands here.
Oxford Clothing

Features – we’ll cover the features in more detail below, but this point is just to highlight that the product features are something you’ll want to spend some time familiarising yourself with and comparing to other products that are available.

Durability – consider how you plan to use Oxford Digby Short Boots, how regularly you’ll use it and how long you want it to last. Obviously the ideal to “how long you want it to last” is “forever” but this is something that you’ll need to think about. If you genuinely want something that is going to last you for a really long time then you need to be prepared to pay for a top end product.

Pricing and price comparison

Pricing is a critical part of the review process and something that you can get really useful information on if you spend the time comparing many products and options. Fortunately for you, we’ve done some detailed analysis on the price of Oxford Digby Short Boots.

Price score 8.8/10.

Already we’re seeing that the price of Oxford Digby Short Boots is good, scoring an amazing 8.8. The price that we managed to find it for during this latest check was £116.99.

We then looked at the price you pay for products in the Urban & Retro category. Of which there were 1 products that we found. The average price of these were £116.99, with the cheapest coming in at £116.99 and the most expensive is £116.99. So Oxford Digby Short Boots comes in below average. We found there were 0 products that were more expensive in the Urban & Retro category and 0 that were less expensive.

Next we looked at the price you pay for products from the brand Oxford Clothing. We found 132 products that we could compare the price of. The average price of these was £90.46 with the most expensive being £449.99 and cheapest £8.99. Making Oxford Digby Short Boots above average, with 103 cheaper products and 26 more expensive.

Finally we thought we should combine the brand and category together so that we can look specifically at prices of Oxford Clothing branded products in the Urban & Retro category. Of the 1 products that fit this criteria the average price was £116.99, the cheapest: £116.99 and most expensive: £116.99. So Oxford Digby Short Boots is below average in terms of price. There were 0 products more expensive and 0 cheaper.

Hopefully that’s given you a good idea of how the price compares to other options out there, and whether you’re paying the going rate for your product.


Reviews are again one of the most important things for you to spend time on when considering buying new Urban & Retro, no matter your budget, preferences advice you’ve been given or previous experience, you’ll want to read lots of customer reviews.

Over at SportsBikeShop we found 1 reviews which scored it out of 5 with: “5”.

Take your time to read through lots of the reviews as you’ll find it really helps you to get a real insight into the product without physically getting your hands on it. Customers leaving reviews are often the most honest piece of feedback you’re likely to get, as to how good the product actually is. If it doesn’t live up to expectations you’ll soon notice lots of poor reviews, and of course the opposite is true too, customers will leave good reviews when it’s deserved.


Below are some of the key features and specs of Oxford Digby Short Boots

Boot Features

The first feature we want to take a look at is Boot Features. Oxford Digby Short Boots’s Boot Features is Waterproof.

Colour Scheme

Next let’s take a look at the Colour Scheme. Oxford Digby Short Boots’s Colour Scheme is Black.


Up next is the Gender. The Gender is Uni-Sex.


Now let’s look at the Material. The Material is Leather.


Up next is the Purpose. Oxford Digby Short Boots’s Purpose is Urban.

Retention System

Now Retention System. The Retention System is Laces.

Video of Oxford Digby Short Boots

We’ve run a search on YouTube to look for Oxford Digby Short Boots, anything we managed to find is shown below, enjoy!.

Alternative products

If you’re confident that Oxford Digby Short Boots is for you, then great. Simply click on “View at SportsBikeShop” to view it (note that this is an affiliate link where we will be paid a commission if you go on to buy a product, this is at no additional cost to you but enables us to keep writing these reviews).

If however you’d like to consider some alternatives then we’d suggest checking out Oxford Battery Optimiser Accessories reviews, or if you’re after something a little different from your Urban & Retro then it may also be worth taking a look at our Daytona Spirit GTX Gore-Tex Leather Boots reviews. If neither of those are doing it for you then our next best option would be our Shad Top Case Cover D1B34E15 reviews, or perhaps Mitas Touring Force-SC 120/70 15 (56P) reviews. And if that still leaves you wanting more then we’d suggest having a read of our recent Shark Spartan Zarco Malaysian GP Replica reviews


With a review score of 8.8 out of 10 and an overall score of 9.1, Oxford Digby Short Boots is up there with some of the highest scoring Urban & Retro that we’ve reviewed. And at £116.99 it really is a great buy.

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